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Grossan Original Sinus Irrigator Tip®
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Get sinus infection relief with the Original Sinus Irrigator Tip® a gentle and soothing drug free treatment for sinus and allergy conditions. Developed by nationally recognized Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist over twenty-five years ago the unique patented design accurately modifies the pressure and pulse rate of an oral irrigator safely and effectively for the purpose of nasal irrigation. Supported by 37 medical reports, the Original Sinus Irrigator Tip® helps clear nasal congestion, post nasal drip, sinusitis, and prevent sinus infections. Recommended by leading health care professionals, hospitals, and universities as an effective treatment for sinus and allergy conditions. 100% hypo allergenic with gentle pressure control and a form fitting nasal applicator. 25 year record of safety and performance.

Compatible Models

Water Pik(TM) Models: WP60, WP70, WP72, WP90, and SR400

Conair Models: INT WJ7, INT WJ8, and INT WJ6

Term and Condition:  In accordance with Federal guidelines for disease transmitting products we do not accept returns of this merchandise other than defective. 

RETURN EXCEPTIONS: Unfortunately, there are some products if opened or seal is broken, for which we are unable to accept returns. For hygiene reasons, the U.S. Federal Government forbids the resale of certain products considered to have potential for disease transmission (nose drops, sinus sprays, allergy and sinus supplements, and irrigators are not returnable once the packaging has been opened).  
Note:  This product replaced with "SINUPULSE SPST SINUS IRRIGATOR TIP"


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