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Customer Comments
Here are some comments from our customers
If you are wondering if our products are right for you, read what our customers are saying...
"I swear by it in follow-up care after surgery, and have continued to use it as needed since the surgery. In fact, I use it all winter long and have had almost no colds, but if I do not use it in winter, a sinus infection occurs. Dorothea Ratzlaff, Fallon, NV "

"It's so rare to find a company now days that's thoughtful and gives service. You have a great product and a great staff, many thanks. John Norwood, Valley Center, CA"

"I recently began to use your kit at the suggestion of my allergist, and it is wonderful compared to the nasal saline sprays that I had been using. Richard H. Balmer, Manheim, PA"

"I am in the choir at church. Lavage is soothing, cleansing and has really helped my voice. Thank God for the Lavage Kit! R. Jensen, Denver, CO"

"Whenever I feel the symptoms of a cold beginning, I lavage. The symptoms almost always go away, Its great! Occasionally I get sinus headaches. Lavage really opens me up and helps get rid of the pressure. P. Eastep, Tampa, FL"

"I love SCUBA diving but I have chronic sinusitis. Coming from me there could be no better compliment than to say, if it wasn't for my Lavage Kit I would have to give up my favorite sport. John Reilly, San Diego, CA"

"It is very stressful for me when my baby daughter gets a cold. She has allergies and I hate to give her medication if I can avoid it. She tolerates nasal lavage very well and it really helps clear her head. I don't know what I would do without it. Thank you for a great product. E. Peck, Tacoma, WA"

"I told my doctor how much my Lavage Kit helps my sinusitis. I love to travel and I never leave home without it. Now he prescribes it for all his sinusitis patients. R. Wilson, Waterloo, IA "