Nasal Cleanse Kit

NasalCare, Nasal Cleanse Kit

This award-winning, NasalCare, Nasal Cleanse product (see award below), is very safe and comfortable. The nasal irrigator has two anti-backflow valves to ensure a continual and effective cleaning without causing backwash contamination. The cleansing solution is made with DrNaturalHealing™ premium premix containing five ingredients, all from the U.S.A.:

  1. sea salt
  2. sodium bicarbonate
  3. sodium citrate
  4. citric acid
  5. Aloe vera extract

Benefits of using the NasalCare Kit:

  • Gain freedom of breathing by removing the blockage materials in the airway
  • Improve sense of smell by liberating these sensory cells in the nasal cavity
  • Gain fresh breath by eliminating these materials causing the bad breath
  • Reduce the chance of infection by removing these inhaled microbes
  • Reduce the chance of inhaling or spreading germs among family members
  • Reduce the chance of inhaling or spreading germs in the working environment
  • Facilitate drainage of these secretions from sinuses
  • Improve the capacity of self-detoxification of the nasal membrane
  • Remove allergens so the less irritants can stay inside of nasal cavity
  • Clean irrigation as no back-flow is allowed with this anti-backflow device
  • Increase completeness of sinus and throat cleanse by doing the 4-way cleanse procedure
  • Improve symptoms of post nasal drip by doing the 4-way cleanse procedure
  • Remove inflammatory materials so the symptoms can be reduced without a drug
  • No side effect by using this natural healing procedure
  • No drug-drug interaction by using this natural healing procedure
  • Keep nasal cavity moisture by using aloe containing pre-mix
  • Lessen the chance of getting an infectious cold or flu
  • Reduce the severity and duration of a cold or flu

The patients who with the common cold and influenza used this product three times a day completely removed cold-flu viruses (as laboratory determined), and reduced their disease duration by about 80%. (Journal of Infectious Diseases and Immunity Vol. 3(6), pp. 96-105, June 2011.)

“Best New Product” Award

Best New Product AwardThis All NasalCare Kit was the winner of “Best New Product” at the 2010 ECRM Cough & Cold and Allergy Conference.

Its one-way liquid and air valves work in tandem to provide a nasal rinse without backwash. The anti-backwash feature allows a simple rinse of the NasalCare cap to clean. The product also includes a dust preventive lid to ensure good hygiene for storing and travel use. Our scientifically formulated all natural, nasal rinse solution soothes and moisturizes your nose without stinging or burning.

Nasal rinse products like neti pots are messy and you do risk re-infection from using backwash-prone bottles. NasalCare has a clearly Superior system for treating your nasal-sinus conditions. Most people feel and breathe better after the first try, we feel confident you will too.

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Foreign patent protected.

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